Flexible LED Wrap System


A First of Its Kind...

     Introducing the first ever weapon light that can be wrapped and secured around a handguard! This Patent Pending product is called the Flexible LED Wrap System! It provides a powerful, 60-degree wide beam of light to illuminate very wide areas at close proximity within exterior and interior environments. Our wrap device illuminates the bigger picture at the speed of light for faster identification of your immediate surroundings and potential threats. The Flexible LED Wrap System can also be mounted across various size handguards to make universal installation on platforms that either will or will not accept traditional weapon light attachments.

General Information...

- Developed to illuminate wide areas at close proximity to the user

- Powerful multi-LED illumination provides powerful 60-degree beam of light

- Can be Installed on forends / handguards with or without accessory rails

- Forward projects light from multiple sides of the forend / handguard

- Adjustable wrap and mounting radius for universal fit

- Easily contours to shape of forend / handguard for low profile look

- Max. Output of up to 1000 lumens 

- Built with durable and temperature resistant materials

- Impervious to shake, shock, and drops

- Overall weight of just 4.2 ounces with batteries installed

- Aluminum core battery pack encased in synthetic polymer

Light Source Specifications...

Number of LEDs: 6

Light Output: 1000 Lumens

Light Beam Size: 60 Degrees

Light Beam Distance: 75m

Minimum Wrap Diameter: 1.75 In.

Maximum Wrap Diameter: 2.75 In.

Wrap Width: 1.0 In.

Waterproof Rating: IP68


Battery Pack Specifications...

Mounting Type: mil-std-1913 or Wrap

Battery Type: 3 "AAA" Ultimate Lithium

Battery Pack Size: L-3.0in x H-1.25in x W-1.25in

Max Runtime: 1.5hr @ 100%

Operation: rear on/off push button switch

Waterproof Rating: IP67