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The LED wrap


     This is The LED Wrap! A weapon light with advanced illumination technology for home defense and CQB environments. Traditional side mounted, single LED systems are designed for distance and may offer some peripheral illumination with a narrow light beam, but they ultimately lack the ability needed to provide wide illumination for close range environments. Our product combines 8 high power light emitting diodes to forward project 1 large 60-degree light beam to maximize area illumination at close range. Traditional single LED systems are only providing you a fraction the illumination coverage possible for home defense and CQB environments. Our LED Wrap technology can help users maximize their visual awareness through the wide expansion of illumination and even decrease target acquisition time. 

     LED Wrap technology doesn't stop there! It's high intensity illumination delivers enough light energy over its 60-degree beam to make anyone on the receiving end uncomfortable and disoriented. We also added selectable modes to control illumination intensity and strobe use for more tactical functionality. The LED Wrap is also available in different illumination colors other than white, Including Infared for night vision applications. It's equipped with a specially designed power pack to drive the powerful light head and provide up to an hour of runtime. The power pack supports common "AAA" batteries that can be quickly replaced as needed and found almost anywhere.


     The LED Wrap secures around the outside of most handguards/forends with its built- in loop & hook system. This system allows for size adjustments to accommodate various shapes and diameter handguards/forends. Its power pack can secure to any mil-std-1913 accessory rail, but it can also be installed without an accessory rail, using its own loop & hook system. Controlling the LED Wrap is simple and is done through its optional rear switch or remote pressure tail control. The LED Wrap is a proven product that delivers better illumination for home defense and CQB environments. Advance your close-range illumination technology with LED Wrap and see what you've been missing! The LED Wrap is backed by years of testing, customer satisfaction, support from thousands of followers including big names in the industry, and a warranty! 

Technical Information...

- High Power, 8 LED Flexible Light Head

- Light Head Secures to Outside of Handguards/Forends

- 1400 Lumens Max. Output**

- Emits Large 60-degree High Intensity Light Beam

- Illumination Distance Up To 75 Meters

- Maximizes Close Range Area Illumination 

- Developed For Home Defense & CQB Environments

- Light Beam Can Deliver Disorienting Effects

- Available With Strobe & Illumination Intensity Modes

- Operational Time Up To 1 Hour @ 100%

- Powered By 3 "AAA" Ultimate Lithium Batteries

- Rear Switch/Remote Tail Control & Battery Replacement

- Modes: 10%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Strobe 100% @ 2Hz

- Illumination Colors: White, Green, Blue, IR850, IR940

- Power Pack Secures To Mil-STD-1913 Accessory Rail

- Power Pack Size: L-3.0in x W-1.25in x H-1.25in

- Aluminum Power Pack Encased In Synthetic Polymers

- Power Pack Can Provide Ergonomic Grip Support

- Total Weight With Battery Is Only 4.2 Ounces

- Weatherproof and Waterproof up to 1 Meter

- Resistant To High Heat & Cold Temperatures

- Impervious To Shocks & Impacts

- Easy Functionality & Simple Operation

- Built, Tested, Proven Reliable, & Trusted

- Back By Our 1 Year Replacement Warranty


The LED Wrap

Priced: $349.99 & Up!

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