Rifle Bullets

The End Cap Light


A Light for Free-Floating Handguards

     The End Cap Light was developed to provide enhanced illumination capabilities for home defense and close proximity situations. The light can provide up to a 60-degree wide beam of intense light to illuminate your immediate surroundings. Traditional lights mounted to one side of a rifle have a narrow beam of light to achieve distance, and to avoid casting shadows from the opposing mounting location of the light. Using a narrow beam of light to illuminate your immediate surroundings is inefficient! The End Cap Light is a great solution for those home defense and close proximity situations! We also offer compatible free-floating handguards that can accept the End Cap Light, if your AR-15 is not equipped with a compatible free-floating handguard.

General Information...

- Works with select free-floating handguards for AR-15 rifles

- Developed for home defense and close proximity situations

- Output of up to 20 Watts of light energy!

- 1400 Lumens with 8 high power LEDs

- 60 Degree light beam output

- Beam distance up to 75 meters

- Runtime up to 1 Hour

- Easy, fast, and secure installation

- Aluminum light head with chrome protective LED shrouds

- Weight of just 4.2 ounces with batteries installed

- Aluminum core battery pack encased in synthetic polymer

- Battery pack mounts to mil-std-1913 rail / picatinny rail

- Power with 3 "AAA" Ultimate Lithium Batteries

- Operate with rear mounted push switch or remote pressure switch

Battery Pack Specifications...

Mounting Type: mil-std-1913 / picatinny rails

Battery Type: 3 "AAA" Ultimate Lithium

Battery Pack Size: H-3.0in x L-1.25in x W-1.25in