The End Cap Light

Tactical Illumination...

     This interesting looking weapon light is produced for the AR-15, M-4, and M-16 platforms with select free floating handguards. Its unique design supports wider illumination for closer range situations without significant barrel shadowing. Unlike traditional weapon lights for these platforms, ours forward projects illumination from all sides of the rifle to produce a full 60 degree light beam. It's packed with 8 high power, specially developed LEDs for maximum illumination capabilities, durability, and reliability. No other weapon light can produce our superior illumination power for home defense and close range environments!

The End Cap Light Can...

- Significantly cut down on time clearing or panning through rooms and large areas

- Illuminate a wider and larger field of view for closer engagements

- Eliminate severe barrel shadowing seen with traditional rifle lights with wide light beams

- Eliminate object shadowing from bouncing or reflecting light

- Eliminate optic glare and reticle fade from light beam hot spots

- Help decrease muzzle rise by adding stability to front of the rifle

- Illuminate multiple targets at once in close and medium range environments

- Deploy discomfort and/or disorientation within the light beam

- Provide significant weight and size reduction compared to traditional rifle lights

- Eliminate the need for big & bulky lights while stream-lining the rifle

- Provide hand support with its ergonomic, securely mounted "Power Pack"

- Maximize the available rail space for other accessories



-Ergonomic design for grip comfort

-Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 / Pica-tinny Rails

-Aluminum encased in synthetic polymer

-Heat resistant materials

-Waterproof up to 3 meters

-Resistant to impacts & shock

-Battery type: "AAA" lithium

-Run time of up to 1.5 hours

-Rear mounted multi-function pressure switch

-5 mode toggling (if equipped)

-Modes ( 10%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Strobe )

-Total weight with light source: 4.5 oz.

-Size: (2 3/4" L) X (1 5/16" W) X (1 1/4" H)



-8 high intensity LEDs

-Built in lens and reflectors

-Up to 1,440 lumen output

-60 degree wide light beam

-Up to 100 yards of beam distance

-Remains free floating from barrel

-Waterproof up 3 meters

-Shock proof & impact resistant

-Milled from T-6061 Aluminum

-Durable construction for abuse

-Inner Dia: 0.936 inch / Outer Dia: 1.812


The End Cap Light