The End Cap Light


A Specialized Rifle Light...

     The End Cap Light is a specialized rifle light developed to provide enhanced illumination and defensive capabilities for home defense and close-range engagement. Traditional weapon lights are mounted to one side of the rifle. However, our specialized rifle light mounts directly into the front of a free-floating handguard to provide these enhanced capabilities beyond the realm of traditional rifle lights. It's high power 60-degree wide light beam not only provides superior illumination for home defense and close-range engagement; it's high intensity light output can be used to stun and or disorient a subject within the 60-degree light beam. It's even equipped with 5 integrated modes, including a strobe function!

General Information...

- Equipped with 8 high power LEDs

- Forward projects illumination from all sides of the rifle

- 8 light sources combine to produce a 60-degree wide light beam

- Eliminates barrel shadowing with its multi-LED configuration and placement

- Fits free floating handguards for most AR-15 / M-4 style rifle platforms

- Durable aluminum light head with reflectors

- Overall weight of just 4.2 ounces with batteries installed

- Aluminum core battery pack encased in high strength synthetic polymer

- Ultra low pro battery pack mount with quick secure for mil-std-1913 / picatinny rails

- Developed for home defense and close-range engagement


Compatible With Our Free-Floating Handguards...

     The End Cap Light is installed into the front of our select free floating handguards. Our free-floating handguards are made from quality aircraft grade aluminum to maximize durability and minimize overall weight. Our free-floating handguards possess the necessary mounting holes for the light source of the end cap light. The light source is secured into the front of the free-floating handguard through the use of set screws that thread into the sides of the light source through the corresponding holes at the front of the handguard, as shown. If you already have a compatible free-floating handguard, we offer the end cap light separately that includes mounting hardware.

Light Source Specifications...

Number of LEDs: 8

Light Output: 1400 Lumens

Light Beam Size: 60 Degrees

Light Beam Distance: 90m

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Heat Tolerance: 350*F

Battery Pack Specifications...

Mounting Type: mil-std-1913 / picatinny rails

Battery Type: 3 "AAA" Ultimate Lithium

Battery Pack Size: H-3.0in x L-1.25in x W-1.25in

Max Runtime: 1.25hr @ 100%

Operation: rear on/off push button switch

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Finish: Stealth Black

Options: with or without function modes

Modes: 15%/35%/65%/100%/Strobe

Mode Select: fast toggle rear push button switch


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