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We are an advanced weapon light technology and development company. Through extensive research and development, we produce weapon lights that can provide users better strategic illumination capabilities. Whether it's developing better illumination for specific situations, or focusing on enhancements of product physical characteristics, we are well equipped for the challenge.

We make our products right here in the USA! In fact, right here in our facility! Based In Indiana, we are a new company with over 20 years of previous experience in the LED industry, and 10 years in weapon mounted light research and development. Our experience has led to the creation of these unique weapon light products listed on our website. Each one is backed with years of live testing to ensure our product deliver maximum reliability.

So far, we have gained support from thousands of great people, and more every day. As we continue to grow our company, we hope to grow your trust by providing quality products and strategic options that other companies can't. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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