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About LED Armory.... is a website devoted to providing new concepts in weapon lights! Our weapon lights are considered to be industry first products as they are newly designed, working concepts that have passed vigorous testing and functionality standards. We produce our industry first weapon lights right here in the United States at our research and development facility located in Greenfield, Indiana. The End Cap Light is our first publicly displayed product with 6 more scheduled to be to be released by the end of 2022! Our research and development facility is equipped with 3-D Printing capabilities, tooled fabrication, skilled craftsmen, custom circuitry production, light emitting diode module fabrication, soldering stations, and in-line product testing.

Research & Development...

     Our research and development location is setup to produce just about any new concept of weapon light imaginable! Research and development of a new product can be very expensive, especially if it deals with electronics and forms of semiconductors designed for firearms. One could expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the services needed, to bring an idea to market! However, we are able to produce our working and tested concepts at a fraction of the cost due to our extensive experience in LED product development. The products are just a few of the many. Inventing new LED products is what we do!


20+ Years in Light Emitting Diodes...

     We come to the table with over 20 years of experience working with LEDs, developing products that use LEDs, and integrating LEDs into various objects on the commercial level. Our love of firearms and standardization of LEDs in their tactical lights grabbed our interest to create some new concepts within the industry that provides more situationally enhanced illumination options and features for the user, rather than the traditional one tool (light) works for every situation approach. Just with our first product The End Cap Light, we have received tremendous support and attention!

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