Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products we can possibly produce!

Innovation Capitalization

     Based out of Greenfield, Indiana, LEDarmory.com is dedicated to research, development, and implementations of new weapon mounted light technology in to the market. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve existing weapon light technology. This may include innovative new designs that provide illumination features that can not be reproduced by traditional mounted lights. Our #1 product, The End Cap Light is a prime example of this. It quickly gained attention and support from the National Rifle Association (American Rifleman), The Firearm Blog, Soldiers Systems Daily Publications, members of law enforcement and military, as well as thousands of 2A supporters. It's unique illumination capabilities, and light placement is like nothing else out there!


Growing A Product Line

     With already another 6 industry first products to add to the website, we are primed for tremendous growth. In order to keep up with that upcoming supply and demand, mass production is a crucial part of that process. While we currently manufacture our products in-house, we are currently looking to expand in to larger production capabilities. Our #1 product "The End Cap Light" is first up in this process of expansion, thanks to a local investor. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without years of research, development, extensive data, and demand. All of our upcoming products provide the same necessary components. If you would like to invest in or purchase rights to any of the products we produce, please fee free to contact us.

The Inventor/Owner

Josh Duke is the owner of LEDarmory.com, and also the inventor of it's weapon mounted lights. He brings 17 years of light emitting diode (LED) experience to LEDarmory.com, and 7 years of firearms experience. Before LEDarmory.com, he had been producing high quality custom LED products for individuals, companies, Hollywood movies props, well known music bands, heavy machinery manufacturers, electronic device manufactures, automotive manufactures, and more. His goal for LEDarmory.com is to have a full product line that is mass produced while being cost effective for the user.