Welcome To The LED Armory

Enhanced Illumination...

We are taking weapon lights to the next level by developing user friendly illumination enhancements. These enhancements are strategically developed for situational superiority and tactical illumination advantages. Our weapon lights bring the newest cutting edge LED technology and concepts to a mostly standardized industry! We hold over 18 years of professional LED engineering experience, and illumination tactics.

Powerful Lights...

Our weapon lights are packed with raw illumination power! We engineer our products for maximum light emission capabilities, right down to the circuitry. Our extensive experience with LEDs allows us to make complex weapon light concepts in to a simple reality for the end user.

Lightweight Lights...

Our weapon lights are not only powerful, they are designed to be light weight. Maintaining a lightweight firearm is crucial. We engineer our weapon lights to be as light as possible by using aluminum and polymer materials. Our weapon lights maintain superior durability standards while weighing significantly less than most other weapon lights.


The Micro-Light


Starting @ $49.99

The End Cap Light


Starting @ $179.99

ECL Handguards


Starting @ $37.99